Family Day: Canal Boat Daytrip





I often find in the hectic world of technology and social media that it’s hard to make time for those that you love most. I know, watching a family movie is lovely and having a roast dinner on a Sunday feels like quality time; and it is of course BUT sometimes, it takes doing something completely different and unusual to actually reconnect.

Last weekend, as part of my Mum’s birthday treat – my Dad hired a canal boat for the day!! It was SO FUN. We decided to get a boat out on the River Lea which is a beautiful River in the South East of England as opposed to a canal as it;s a little more scenic.

We set off with a packed lunch including bacon, bread and tea bags (ofc) as there was a little kitchenette in the galley of the boat (cue lots of bacon sandwich eating and tea guzzling).

The boat was an adorable little vessel called ‘Mr Otter’ and I think it was enough to hold 8 people if I remember rightly but to be honest it wouldn’t have been big enough for that. Another bigger boat went past at one point with a group of late twenty years old drinking champagne which gave me an idea for a different day out for a birthday!

It was such a fun experience- learning how to drive the boat (super easy by the way, I managed it haha), and opening/closing locks and just taking in the scenery. Being in the outdoors definitely makes everyone happier and my family and I had an amazing time!

Let me know if you’ve ever done anything different for a fun day out- I’d love to know!!



Enjoy the pictures!

Emma xx




The view from the front of the boat

The view from the front of the boat


Mum and my nephew enjoying the water

Mum and my nephew enjoying the water


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