What is- Emma Louise Talks?

Welcome to Emma Louise Talks!

My name is Emma and I am a 22 year old Journalist student and beauty/lifestyle youtuber.

I’ve had blogs for a long time but have never committed to one. The name Emma Louise Talks took off (to be perfectly honest) because I talk SO. MUCH. I needed somewhere to get all of the stuff in my head onto paper (sort of, you know what I mean). Now I’m a student Journalist I want to really throw myself into the blogging world. It isn’t easy to watch a YouTube video on the go or when you are in a public place (or work, lol) so I thought a blog would be perfect.

I’ve got a lot to say and a real passion for helping and inspiring others and I truly hope that this blog can do just that!

Not only will Emma Louise Talks be a place where we indulge our make-up fantasies, it will also be a place of safety and happiness where we can address issues which may not be so easy to talk about. I would also like to encourage those who might want to have their voice heard to get involved! Feel free to send me any writing you’ve done that you think might benefit others or if you’d like me to address specific topics we can do that too!

Anway… (see, I told you I can talk)

I really hope you enjoy my blog and welcome to Emma Louise Talks!


Emma x


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