Pill Update!

Hi guys!

This is my first update since stopping the ‘dreaded’ pill :’) First thing to report – my period came back! woo! Quite quickly too actually! So I took my last pill on the 30th of September and had my first period on the 25th of October which I don’t think is too bad! It also feels pretty close to the cycle that I was in when I was 15/16!


And – I am now on the second one since yesterday so, 28 days after the last one! So well happy – this ones a little heavier than the last but still alright!

As far as periods go, it wasn’t too bad but it might be because it was the first one! I had some major cramps the night it started which went away after a snuggle with my wheat pack and an ibuprofen or two! I then had some the following morning which were a bit rubbish but again went away after a couple of ibupofen 🙂 It lasted for four days.

It actually felt really good to be natural and do the woman thang lol and I was weirdly excited shopping for different pads and pain relief – I’m sure that novelty will wear off pretty quick lol!

In terms of feelings… honestly, I have never felt better. I have had one panic attack which is unbelievable for me considering the past four years! I have also been happier and more positive and motivated. The only downside is that the teenage spots and greasy hair appear to have reared there ugly heads… I was walking around with an extra head on my face for about two weeks – not a good look I can assure you!

I wont go into too much detail here but ‘down there’ is SO MUCH BETTER, I had lost all hope in that ever resolving itself, and….. thats all I’ll say about that thank you very much… not that I’m all that subtle :’) P.S. If you want to know about that aspect, feel free to email me: emmalouisetalks@gmail.com

Okay, next part:


No, Im not talking about hunting for bears or anything, don’t be silly 😛 Im talking about symptoms, cycles that kinda thang. So I’ve been using an app called ‘Clue’ on my iphone. I really like it. Its very easy to use, it tracks your period, fertile days and things like that. It helps you to notice when you’re body is doing certain things and its made a lot of random things make sense.

For example, last month for a week, I felt mysteriously nauseous in the morning. Had a little panic and a google sesh (we all do it, I know its naughty) but it turns out that according to my app, I was in my ‘fertile window’ ooh err, and that one of the symptoms of this increase in hormone is nausea! You see, it just means you can make sense of the changes in your body!

I really like it and I’m having a lot of fun finding about more about how I work!

Mental health update: Feeling fab *touch wood*. I am still on my anti-depressants for anxiety BUT I am still noticing a very definite absense in anxious thoughts, less OCD type thinking, body scanning etc. It is SUCH A RELIEF to feel like my old self… I literally cannot fathom how one tiny pill a day literally changed me into an unrecognisable person! I’m so pleased I’ve gone hormonal birth control free!!


Any questions, as always you can email me or find me on my social media links!





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