My Nose Piercing

You may have noticed from my past instagram posts that I went and got a nose piercing!

So, for some reason in the last 6 months of so, I went from being ‘scared of basically everything’, Emma to ‘life is for living go crazy’, Emma. Andddd…. that resulted in a nose piercing :’)

I had thought about it a lot and done the google/youtube thing a lot and then woke up one Saturday morning and went to Joey:

“I’m getting my nose pierced today, you coming?” And he said yep because he’s lovely and also very used to my mental decisions :’)

I thought I’d make a quick post on the piercing experience, complications and how I look after it.


Okay guys, not going to sugar coat it… this hurt. Everyones different and I’ve heard from others that it wasn’t a big deal and they didn’t rate it painfully at all. But for me, it killed! Having said that, it was only painful for like 10 seconds and then its over so tbh it manageable!

I had it done at a piercers called ‘Underground Tattoos’ where I live in Watford. I’ve been recommended it before and I’m so pleased I went.

The salon is extremely clean and was in fact recently refurbished. I arrived and filled out their insurance form which to me is excellent as it covers both you and the piercers and shows that they take your safety seriously.

I then waited, very nervously on the sofas with Joey. I then noticed a sign which said ‘one person in the piercing rooms at a time, no exceptions’ at which point, I nearly bottled it as Joey couldn’t come and hold my hand 🙁 Yes, I am a big baby.

However, the girl that did the piercing was so friendly and reassuring that it didn’t actually matter.

She cleaned my nose and ensured everything was sterile and then marked my nose. She asked me whether I would be wanting to wear a hoop so she could mark it in a place where that could be done. I said yes as I definitely want to give a hoop a go!

Once I was happy with the positioning, she asked me to lay down on the bed and she did the piercing from behind my head.

She then asked me to breathe in and then breathe out as the needle went through. So I did and it came out in a lot of heavy breathing and panting because it took my breath away! But she was so professional, once the actually needle was in, I barely felt any of the actually jewellery going in and I wasn’t light-headed at all!

It cost me £15 on an offer which is soooo good in my opinion and I couldn’t be happier with it!


About 1/2 teaspoon of pure sea salt mixed with a cup of boiling water. Otherwise known as a sea-salt soak. When I first had the piercing, I dipped my nose into the solution once it had cooled a little (but not too much, it works best hot) and held it in for a few minutes. I blew bubbles into the water with my nose to help swirl the water around.

Alternatively, soak a wad of paper towel (cotton wool has too many fluffy bits) and hold it onto the piercing to cleanse it.

After a few months, I started adding a couple of drops of tea-tree oil into the water solution as it is a natural antiseptic and helps with healing the wound and also any keloids that may appear.



Try not to touch it but be prepared that you will accidentally catch it on things like towels, your fingers etc. We’re all human, so we’re bound to knock it! Don’t panic if you do and get a bump on it soon after, its normal!

Wash your hands before cleaning and also wash your pillowcase every week to prevent too much bacteria building and getting into the piercing.

Leave it for as long as you can before changing it, at least three months, trust me, it’ll heal faster and with less risk of infection.

I am not a piercing professional and do not claim to have 100% advice. This is just my experience of the piercing an dhow I personally clean it.

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