New Year, New Hairstyle


So last weekend I decided to get quite a lot of my hair chopped. I didn’t want too much of a style change, just enough that my hair would look neater and healthier.

I had three inches off the ends and wanted to go for a very blunt cut. I noticed that it was a popular hairstyle in 2016, particularly among bloggers. No doubt that’ll change slightly this year.


I have to say, I love my hair so much more now than I did when it was longer. Although having long hair was fun to style in big loose curls and made a cute enough messy bun, it wasn’t healthy. It would get matted and tangled (I know, ew) and would take hours in the morning trying to get it to sit nicely. It had lost its shine and its thickness.

By having a few inches cut, it now looks fuller, shinier and the colour is brighter. My hairdresser actually asked me if I’d had my hair Ombre’d, but its actually just grown out from when I had lighter hair!

I’m thinking of going back and having even more taken off in a month or so, but for now, I hope you enjoyed these photos!




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