Interiors: Sneak Peak Of My Flat

Mixing it up today on the blog with some interior stuff!

I moved into my studio flat in September and ever since, I have been adding little bits here and there, finding what makes me happy in my environment (a shit ton of unicorns basically) and I recently finished one element and am happy enough with it to share with you!

My wonderful Mother bought me this adorable little wicker chair from a second hand shop. We then went to Dunelm Mill where I picked out some material and she upholstered the chair cushion with it. I. LOVE. IT.

Its super comfy, I can cross my legs in it – SCORE! And to be honest, it’s just damn cute!

As you can see from the photos, theres a lot of copper going on, because I am a basic bitch – yaaaas and I wanted my cosy corner to feature things I love – aka, copper homeware!

The cream throw is from Primark and it was £4! I wanted a soft fluffy throw which was small enough to drape on the chair but big enough to snuggle in. The little copper cushion was £3 from Primark and the bigger one is from the Range.

My copper heart lights are also from Primark (the best homeware selection ever) – I think they make the corner look so warm and inviting.

The tall lamp is an oldy but a goody from IKEA, the ‘E’ was from the Range and my little succulent (named Melvin by Joey) was from a garden centre – Mumma found it for me – she’s a gem 🙂

Finally the print is from Coconut Lane – I love their stuff! They basically sell everything I love, unicorns, marble, pink, copper, you name it! If you are actually interested in anything from Coconut Lane I have a 20% of code; ELT20 . This post isn’t sponsored, just thought you might appreciate the saving 😉

Let me know what you think about my reading corner and whether you’d like to have a nosy at the rest of my flat!


Lots of love,




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