A Valentines Makeup Look

Valentines day is a controversial one in my opinion; I hear different thing from people. Those who are newly taken LOVE IT. They’re still in that excited phase where they can’t wait to go shopping, dress up and go for a romantic meal.

Those who have been taken for a while aka, moi, look forward to a chance to spend some quality time with their s/o and let them know how much you appreciate everything they do. You always might find, like me, that you both know how much you love each other and don’t want to go over the top with gestures. A simple card and going for tea and cake makes for a cute valentines.

And, for those single lads and ladies, valentines is puke inducing…

Some of my favourite things about Valentines day are the beauty, makeup and stationary.

I decided to share a simple, girly but night out appropriate makeup look with you and some of my favourite beauty products.

Enjoy, my lovelies, and I hope you enjoy valentines day, whether you show some love to your s/o, best friends, family or yourself.



Featured Makeup: 

Highlight – MAC Soft & Gentle

Lipstick – New Look

Mascara- P.S. (Primark) 

Foundation – L’oreal True Match N.1 

Eyeliner – Collection 24 hr felt tip liner

Blusher – Milani Luminoso

Eyeshadow – Too Faced Chocolate bar palette 

Perfume – Miss Dior Blooming Bouquet 


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