A book review: ‘WOOL’

As a self diagnosed bibliophile, there is nothing I love more, than finding a new book series. Particularly when the front cover has one of those lovely yellow stamps from the Sunday Times saying: ‘The next HUNGER GAMES.’ Erm, where do I sign?

This latest series, promises to be just as thrilling, mysterious and shocking as the Hunger Games series and I was NOT dissapointed!

Let me introduce you to ‘WOOL’.

‘Wool’ is written by Hugh Howey and is a post apocalyptic novel (my personal fave) about a community living in an underground Silo. It is an incredibly intriguing story, following one character in particular, Juliette, but with a mix of very complex and diverse characters interlaced into the main plot.

The book took a while to get into, but as a first in a series, this is usually expected. Some context needs to be established before getting into the crux of the story. However, the slow build kept me interested until the very last page.

The story involves, death, capital punishment, a ruined earth and a dark secret. The perfect combination. Due to the nature of the mystery surrounding the silo and everyone living within it, you cannot put the book down as you just want to know more and more.

The book ends well, with a positive tying up of ends, which means the book would work well as a stand alone. However, I am looking forward to finding out how the silo came to be and what happened to the earth before the story begins.

I have just started the sequel and so far, so good. Already I am understanding how the silo came to be! I’ll post another review once I have finished that!

All in all, an extremely satisfying read which will be loved by anyone who loves either post apocalyptic worlds or a mystery.


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