Combating anxiety and letting yourself relax

I have recently discovered that I really don’t give myself a break.

I might look like I am when I’m reading a book or watching a tv show BUT I’m actually not truly relaxing.

A quote caught my eye recently “When you are having down time, ALLOW yourself to actually relax and don’t feel guilty for doing so” and that is so right! I feel guilty when I’m having some quiet time as I feel as thought I’m wasting time that could be spent doing something else.

So I’ve made it my mission to switch off in the evenings and let myself relax. This is how I do it:

Keeping a diary or journal. This helps me to focus my thoughts onto a page and get them out! This works particularly well with negative thoughts but also with gratitude. Writing one thing to be grateful for at the end of each diary entry refocuses your mind onto all of the positives in your life. And obvs a fluffy unicorn pen helps 😉 

Reading a good book!

I’ve discovered some really awesome books this years, including the ‘wool’ trilogy by Hugh Howey, Red Queen by Victoria Aveyard and A Monster Calls. Reading is a lovely way to get some off screen time and to really immerse yourself in the story.

I also read self help books such as this one: Making Friends with Anxiety. This book puts so much into perspective and has gone a long way to helping me with my anxiety.

Colouring is a huge help to me. Like the reading, I am forced to put all of my attention into the colouring I’m doing and let all other thoughts go. I love this book the best as you are colouring in a positive and motivating quote.

Finally, I write all of my worries in this book; No Worries.

My lovely friend Meg bought me this for Christmas and its brilliant! You write down a worry and the book asks “can you do anything about it?” If so, what step will you take to act on the worry. If the answer is no, it encourages you to move on and look back when it is no longer a worry. If the worry is gone, you tear off the corner of the page! It helps to face your worries head on, instead of mulling them over and over!


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