The best twist in a book – EVER!

I read a book last week which totally surprised me and exceeded my expectations by about 1million%!!

I had seen this novel in various book charts and had seen it gaining publicity. Having read said book, I can totally see why.

‘I Let You Go’ is a thriller with heart. This may sound like a strange combination but it really is.

The author Clare Mackintosh did an exceptional job with this novel, leading the reader on a journey filled with panic, suspense and a serious ‘ah ha’ moment which I highly doubt even the most avid reader will be able to predict. I honestly didnt see it coming and this is why this novel completely took my breath away.

I would recommend reading this book when you have plenty of time on your hands, for example on holiday whilst sunbathing or to enjoy on a Sunday morning with a cup of tea as you need to be reading in sittings in order to get the full effect of the suspense. I took several breaks of a few days whilst reading this and I do wish i’d saved it for a trip as I had to go back a few times in order to fully understand the story. But to be honest, I will most likely read it again as I loved it so much!

Without spoilers, this book begins with a hit and run murder of a 5 year old boy. His mother, desolate leaves town to make a new life as she cannot cope with the shocking turn her life has taken but she soon learns that the past ALWAYS catches up with you..

Let me know if you’ve read ‘I Let You Go’ or leave me recommendations for books you think I should read!




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