A cuppa and a catch up

Hey all,

I don’t suppose anyone has missed me on here; I haven’t got the best track record for updating my website! Regardless, I wanted to say hi, catch you up on where I’ve been and what I’ve been up to and see how you are too.

Now, I love me a good catch up over a nice cuppa, so go grab a drink if you fancy and read my ramblings!

I suppose the biggest change since my last post (other than the seasons, although, it looks like all of my autumn content was wiped after a recent web update – annoying) is that I started a job! Wooo!

It is my first full time job and I was so lucky to have been offered basically as close to my dream first job as possible. I work for a super cool content agency in London – I know, me, in London, regularly… who’d have thunk it!!! (i’ll get on to that later) We specialise in, well, content, for advertising, magazines, marketing etc etc and I honestly love it so much. I work on one particular client, I won’t say who for privacy purposes but it’s a very well known brand. I am a content publisher so I manage the content on the site as part of a digital team. I’ve been there for almost 6 months and its been fab. I’ve met and make friends with some brilliant, creative people and basically am jammy af! This has meant that content on emmalouisetalks has been pretty non-existent but I’m going to start getting back into it a bit more.

Leading on from the job, last week I bought myself a new car!! Faaancy… It’s a white Yaris and its all new and shinyyyy and its got cool things and stuff in it like a sat nav and all the cool car stuff you need. YAY.

What else.. ermmm been to some pretty sick parties due to my job including one with a studio 54 theme in London with amazing street food, amazing music. Then a more corporate party client side which was like a black tie type event, free bar, entertainment, food – they were both insane!

On more of a personal level, I have massively kicked anxiety in the butt. I know it’ll rear its ugly head again – I am not oblivious to the fact that this absolute knob of an illness with never fully go away, but I also know I can beat it. Anxiety has ruled my life for such a long time in varying degrees but since having a full time job and working in London, I have found things like public transport and being away from home, in social situations etc much much easier to deal with. I also found the courage to go and see my beautiful best friend in Norfolk which was AMAZING in so many ways. I was able to spend time with my favourite girl, just talking about everything under the sun. I drove the 170 mile journey there and back and slept over which I haven’t been able to do for SO LONG thanks to my anxiety. But now I’ve done it, I know I can overcome anything and it feels so great to know that I can go and see my best friend.

Aaaaand that it’s for now guys! I’ll try and update the site more often, but for now, I hope you are well and enjoying 2018 so far. I hope to speak to some of you soon!




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